American Fire Training Systems can design and  fabricate a wide assortment of Cutting, Breaching, Forced entry and specialty drill props to add to your Training Facility.  American Fire Training Systems can implement SCBA confidence course, Confined Space areas and floor collapse into any systems design.   Listed below are some of the standard components that can be built to fit your training cirriculum.  

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The AFTS Reusable Class 'A' Burn Vehicle Extrication Prop

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Our newest prop designed for multiple evolutions with 18 reusable scenario's.


Hatches - Steel construction, tube framed, hinged, and latched. From roof hatches with drop down access ladders, to confined space floor hatches, and side wall hatches (round or square), we can design and fabricate any size, shape hatch to your specifications.



Rappel Stations - Customize your anchors and rappeling stations with quick rope or other engineered tie off options.



Windows and Doors - We build windows and doors of every shape and design. Add pull away burglar bar  windows, forced entry and cutting doors to enhance your department's skills. 


Interior/Exterior Stairs - Our Stair systems are designed to meet all safety standards and can be fabricated in many styles.  Add interior and exterior stairs to your system that will  give you a variety of realistic trainingscenarios. 


Interior Openings - Permanent and closeable openings allow you to vary the interior layout of your training facility. Choose to duplicate residential and commercial spaces with many options for movable walls and partitions.